Out and About with Chantal "Visiting the Casino - McPhillips Street Station"- Tuesday, May 10, 2005

With all our going "Out & About" in Winnipeg, one place Chantal and I have wanted to visit is one of Winnipeg's casinos, the McPhillips Street Station. And after visiting the Aseneskak Casino in The Pas, Manitoba, I just couldn't wait to go to the casino in Winnipeg.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2005, I had the day off and so did Chantal so we planned an outing to add the McPhillips Street Station to our list of adventures out and about in Winnipeg!. I wore pumps with black hose, a black leather mini skirt and the purple top I had bought last month in Thompson, Manitoba. I picked Chantal up at her place at around 3:30 PM. She was wearing a black pleather mini skirt, black hose, strappy sandals, and a stripped top.

With both of us pretty excited about finally going to the casino we made our way there and parked in the parking lot north of the McPhillips Street Station. The McPhillips Street Station is a large casino located on McPhillips Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is very similar to the Club Regent casino on Regent Avenue W, however, Club Regent has a huge hotel as part of the complex.

It was very windy, so it definitely was a "Bad Hair Day"! But that was ok. We were certainly excited walking through the parking lot, passing so many people, finally walking into the building, and past all the security staff who simply greeted us with smiles! Inside the main entrance there is a model of a hot air balloon and inside the basket is a large puppet operated by remote control complete with a speaker so the operator could greet the guests. And of course he spoke to us too!

It was such a wonderful feeling, to finally again realize something which I had only ever thought of as a dream. Chantal and I walked through the main level, and yes, we did notice that we turned heads:-) (I just love that feeling too*S*). After taking a nice slow, casual stroll through the main level, we walked up the staircase to the second level where Chantal found a machine to sit at an play. And wouldn't you know it...when she went to cash out, the machine ran out of coins and bells and whistles started going off! The customer service rep cam over and filled the hopper so Chantal could collect her coins then she kept playing. I enjoyed walking through the second level putting quarters into various machines. It just felt like it as so much more fun, to be walking around in my leather mini skirt and heels, than just sitting and staring at one machine!

For us it wasn't so much being there to spend money. We just wanted to experience being "out and about" in the casino! Since we were both ahead, financially, (Yes, we both made about a buck profit <LOL>), we took the staircase back down to the main level and again enjoyed a stroll through the casino! In all my years growing up, worrying about what people would think, and now to be in the McPhillips Street Station, and will all the security cameras in there (probably focused on US), to be accepted as patrons of the casino was so cool! Now that I think about it. Of all the places we've been out and about, if we were going to be perceived as a "threat", it would have been in there!

Since we would not have been able to get any pictures inside the casino we stopped outside and got a few...

Sabrina @ McPhillips Street Station

Chantal @ McPhillips Street Station

Not it was time for dinner and Chantal suggested the Olive Garden on Portage Avenue. Again, fighting the wind we made our way through the parking lot and entered the Olive Garden. We were met by the hostess who walked us through the very busy restaurant to a quiet booth at the back. Not that it was secluded or anything like that. The place was very busy, with couples and families out for dinner!

Our waitress was all smiles and cheerful as she "Can I get you GIRLS something to drink??" as she took our drink order and gave us time to look over the menu. I ordered a pork dish while Chantal decided on a pasta dish. It was such a pleasant experience, sitting there chatting away, and among so many other patrons who were so involved with themselves, not paying us anything more than passing glances. I hate to say it, but I'll be honest, as Sabrina I'm a picky eater! As "HIM" I'll order almost anything, but when out en femme I tend to pick dishes I can easily eat with a knife and fork, and without messing my face<LOL>

The dinner was delicious and the service was terrific. I'd put the Olive Garden on the "TG Friendly" list. Which I am finding is "Just about anywhere!" In the last four years that I have been going out with the Girls of Masquerade to Winnipeg restaurants, theatres, malls and stores etc, we have always been made to feel welcome by the staff at these places and never once have I ever felt they would rather us just not be there.

After dinner we made our way back to Chantal's place to pick up snack foods for the Masquerade meeting and received a call from Krystal! She was at the Paradise Restaurant on Portage Avenue! Darn it! if we had only known she was going out too! She was alone so we decided to meet her for a short visit on our way to the meeting. Krystal has been to the Paradise Restaurant several times, and yes, by herself, and I have been there once. Just like the real world, which we are by the way, IN, people tend to frequent places they feel comfortable :-) Chantal and I just had time for a quick drink with Krystal as we had to leave to get to the meeting on time. Raven was going to be giving the girls Dance Lessons. Check out the Masquerade photo album at http://www.masquerade.ca/photos/ for more pictures of our evening.

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