Dinning out and going to the movies "TransAmerica"..... Sunday, January 30, 2006

When I heard that Felicity Huffman, a star in one of my favorite TV Shows, Desperate Housewives, was staring in "TransAmerica", a movie about a transsexual learning of her "long lost son" I couldn't wait to go see it! Once it began showing in Winnipeg Theatres Shandi arranged a Girls Night Out for Masquerade to go see the movie as a group!

Being that it was for Sunday, January 30, 2006, I was off and was able to be all pretty early enough to meet up with Chantal and Rosalie before the show! They had been at Lady Godiva Boutique helping Mary and after I was ready met them there and off we went to the Grant Park Shopping Centre!

With a few hours to kill before meeting the other girls at the theatre we found our parking and walked into the mall. I just love the feel of the cold air on my legs and certainly enjoyed the walk through the parking lot. Chantal wore jeans and Rosallie had on spiky heels with a very long skirt! Being Sunday the mall was closed so we did a little window shopping and made our way into the Pizza Place restaurant!

The girl who met us at the door was very nice and showed us to a booth against the wall. The waiter was very polite as well as he took our drink order and brought us our drinks while we browsed through the menu. I refrained from ordering food since I've been loosing weight and have been feeling so good about my waist line, I just didn't want to eat just to eat. So I had a Diet Coke, knowing I'd be having popcorn at the theatre.

After so many years of dressing in private, wishing I had someplace to go and someone to go with, it has been such a wonderful and positive experience since joining Masquerade in 2001, to now have these opportunities to simply get dressed and go out for an evening with friends. Just like any girl would! Although the restaurant wasn't busy, there were a few tables occupied and yes I did notice we got a few "looks" from a few of the guys there. Yet they were just looks, like they would have given any girl all dolled up for an evening out with her friends:-)

After dinner we did a little more window shopping in the mall while we waited for the rest of the girls. Vanessa, Laura, Ardra, then Shandi and her wife Charm arrived around 9:00 PM as planned and we waited a little while in the mall for anyone else who may be arriving late. Oh, and you know that worry about running into people you know when out and about?? Well it happened, in a positive way. While the earlier show was letting out we met up with our friend from the Winnipeg Transgender Group, Michelle, and her friends who were just leaving the theatre! So yes, it is a small world. Michelle kidded about giving away the ending, something about an elephant or something<LOL>.

Shandi, Sabrina, Laura, Chantal, Vanessa, Rosalie and Charm

As it neared show time we made our way into the theatre and bought our tickets for "TransAmerica"! Got our popcorn and drinks and made our way into the theater. We picked seats in the centre of the theatre near the back so we had a great view of the screen. It was a great feeling, sitting there in my mini skirt, just like any girl out for an evening at the movies. And even after going out to so many places these past few years it still amazes me just how I notice that people don't give us more than a passing glance, just like they do to everyone else. not that I feel I or anyone is "fooling" everyone just that the feeling is that people in general are very accepting and that make going out so comfortable.

TransAmerica stared Felicity Huffman, whom I love watching with all the rest of the girls of the Desperate Housewife cast, and is the story about a transsexual woman preparing for her SRS only to find out that she has a long lost son! To view the movie trailer, click here - http://www.transamerica-movie.com/ It was a wonderful movie and it is so nice to see transgender issues being played on the big screen. It does go along way to show society that we do exist, and that yes, we may just be in the seat beside you at the next theater you visit!

After the movie we just had to wait in the theater and get a few pics. both in the theater and just outside with the "TransAmerica" listing on the sign behind us!

Leaving the mall after the movie, walking into the cool winter night air really lets you know that you're wearing a mini skirt! And I just LOVE it! We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and I headed for home.

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