Dining out at "The Keg with a Wonderful Friend" - May 27, 2005

SabrinaThanks to a wonderful friend asking me out to dinner at The Keg on Friday, May 27, 2005, I finally got to wear an outfit I fell in love with about 15 years ago! The picture has stayed in my mind ever since I saw a girl walk by on Portage Avenue wearing a simple white shirt, a tight black leather mini skirt, tight wide belt and high heels! The girl was gorgeous and the her outfit was "Simply SEXY!"

I met "R" (and I'll just use the initial to respect his privacy) in January of 2005 when I received an e-mail from him looking for information to pass on to his TS girlfriend and as always I was eager to help. A while ago we had talked about getting together for coffee. However, you know how it goes, sometimes it is hard to work out the same times together.

After many e-mails and MSN chats we worked out that we both had Friday, May 27, 2005, free and made a "Dinner date". Of course since I have a GF and he has a GF it was just as "friends". And this just goes to show, that you can meet people on line, make friends and it isn't all about sex!

I was really excited about going out to dinner and started going through the "what to wear what to wear" stage! Then during an evening MSN chat I decided that to make it fun for "R" I would let him decide my outfit! He thought for a moments and said "A simple white shirt and a black leather mini skirt"! Well that was IT! I had the leather skirt but since I didn't have the white shirt ! had to go SHOPPING!

Working the long hours during the week I didn't have time to get all dolled up for a shopping trip, and I was kinda in panic mode so I did something I haven't done in a long time...went shopping in DRAB! It's much more comfortable to be walking around the women's clothing departments wearing a skirt and heels. And the best part is trying clothes on before buying them! I did a little on-line shopping and decided to stop at Sears one the way home from work. In the clearance department I found the perfect white shirt on sale for $ 29.99. Standing at the counter behind the girl already going through the checkout I overheard the girl comment to the clerk about having bought two skirts the same style in different colors and I commented to her "That's the way to do it. When you find something you like, buy them when you see them because they won't be there when you come back for them!" She turned and with a smile agreed, not making a fuss about a guy in line talking about "girl stuff"! On the way from the store I thought I should have bought a white camisole to wear with it and made a quick stop at Zellers to buy one before heading home.

Since my unsupportive GF was home and stayed up all night, it wasn't until the following morning that I was able to try on my "requested outfit". Sounds fun! The shirt fit like it was tailored for me and with my tight black leather mini skirt and stilettos I stood in the mirror feeling so good, I just wanted to go to work dressed as I was. (BIG DREAM!) Excited now that I had the perfect outfit, I waited till Friday!

Friday came and I was fortunate enough to get off work early enough so I wouldn't be rushed into getting ready. As usual, I found a spot in a parking lot and spent a few hours getting "Pretty!" It was so exciting, dressing in an outfit I had fallen in love with so long ago, and having wonderful friends to meet and real everyday places to go!. It feels so much like I am no longer living in a "fantasy world" but rather living in the "real world"!

On the way I stopped at Lady Godiva Boutique to see Mary, Masquerade's "Den Mother". She is a real special lady and in a way, it always feels so much better, stopping to see her first one the way to an outing. Almost like having MOM's "stamp of approval" and just letting her know what "her girls" are up to:-) (And of course she has BIG mirrors where I can have that one last peek see). Mary took the picture above and off I went to meet "R".

I was on time and arrived at The Keg on Portage Avenue, at Moray Street, right at 8:00 PM. The parking lot was packed but I managed to find a spot close to the door. It was so exciting, walking through the parking lot in my leather mini skirt and 5 inch heels. Once inside I walked past the hostess into the lounge area and did notice I turned a few heads as I stood there scanning the room for "R". I slowly began walking into the lounge and from my right heard "Sabrina!". Music to my ears. I turned and met "R" at a table and took a seat on the bar stool where I could set all sexy with my legs crossed! "R" was so kind and complimented me on my appearance. The waitress stopped by and took my order for a diet-coke (have to watch my figure and since I was driving, well, I just don't drink) and we sat and talked.

You often hear about where to go that are "TG Friendly"....where can we go that will accept us. I have found out the answer is "just about anywhere". There I was, sitting in an everyday lounge with "R" among so many everyday people. Sitting there in a leather mini skirt, 5 inch heels, a nice white shirt and my long red hair, and we're talking ABOUT transgender issues! I have come to realize that the only limits we have are those we place on ourselves and that if we simply take the steps to walk out the door and give the world a chance to accept us, we will feel that acceptance. With the encouragement from so many girls before me who kept saying "No one can tell you how you will feel about doing anything. You have to do it once for yourself to know you can."

After about ten minutes out table was ready so we followed the waitress through the restaurant. Now that "R" had stood up I noticed the big height difference! When we chatted I did ask him how tall he was and when he replied I mentioned that maybe it would be more comfortable if I wore low heels and he said it wasn't a problem and to go ahead and wear the high heels! So with me in 5 inch heels, and at 6 ft without, well, I was about a foot taller than "R"!

At our table we enjoyed conversation about transgender issues, sharing our experiences and although it was the first time we had met face to face, it felt so comfortable like when had been friends for a long while. Much like it is when meeting a sister. Having some one to talk with who you can relate with so well. The staff at The Keg were very pleasant and treated us very well. Although I have to admit, I feel it is part of "Waiter training", that they learn to spy on you and as soon as you have a mouthful of food and can't talk, that they sneak up and ask "How is everything??" You'd think that sitting in a crowded restaurant that I'd attract some attention with my voice, when chatting away with "R" and the staff, yet it was such a comfortable experience. And honestly, I feel what really attracted attention was my long legs:-) When the check came I offered to cover my half and "R" was such a sweet guy, he wanted to by me dinner.:-)

After dinner we walked out into the parking lot and gave each other a hug. And like most night nights out as Sabrina, I didn't want the evening to end so I asked "R" if he wanted to visit Club 200 for a while. Even though we both needed an early night due to work the next morning, we decided to go for a little while and in our separate vehicles we made our way through town and were fortunately able to park right in front of Club 200. I normally don't mind a longer walk...because it gives me more "Sidewalk time." Since it was drizzling out closer was better! "R" paid the cover for both of us and I at least got to buy him a few drinks during the evening!

We found a table near the mirrors and enjoyed conversation where it was a little quieter. Not too long after we got there Chantal and Vanessa arrived so I introduced "R" to them. I guess they figured we wanted "Alone time" since they took a table several feet away! (Or was it they wanted alone time ;-) ) We joined them a short while later and while we waited for the "Drag Show" to begin took full advantage of the great dance music being played. And of course got a few pics which you will find in the Masquerade Photo Album. Since Saturday was a work day for both "R" and I we said our good byes to Chantal and Vanessa and headed out to our vehicles. Once more I thanked "R" for the dinner and the opportunity to finally get to meet him and gave him one more hug before we went our separate ways!

Thanks "R". I hope all goes well for you as you are planning it to :-)

Thanks for reading my story,


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