An evening out with Rhaina..."Shopping and a movie!"

Being so very busy working this past summer I didn't get much of a chance to get out and enjoy much fem time other than the Masquerade meetings once a month. Other commitments simply got in the way of a few of the events I had planned to attend, so yes...I'm going through withdrawal!! Big Time.

Rhaina, one of the Masquerade girls who lives out of town, had planned a shopping trip to Winnipeg the week of the Masquerade meeting and I arranged to meet up with her on Thursday evening, November 10, 2005.

Of course, like always, it took a lot of planning and sneaking to pick out the right outfit for the evening. Which of course just had to include a mini skirt...After all, I would be walking through the mall!!! After finishing a day of work I arranged to meet Rhaina at the Polo Park Shopping Centre between 7 pm and 8 pm.

All excited about an evening out I arrived at the Polo Park Shopping Centre just before 8 pm and found parking on the east side of the mall under the second level parking. I prefer to park "out of the wind" so I don't "mess my hair in the wind!" It was Polo Park where I first walked anywhere in "real public", so the mall is very special to me. That first time, back in 2001, I was wearing a mini skirt and almost every other time after that!

Once inside I check at Starbucks and found Rhaina was not there so I went straight to the first store I figured I'd find the Tall Girl store! Rhaina was trying on skirts and tops, falling in love with everything. Perhaps because she looked great in everything she tried on. It would have been so easy for her to spend a fortune but she resisted and off we went walking through the mall in search of more "treasures".

In Addition Ell Rhaina found a selection of corsets and spoke to the clerk about trying them on. The clerk was very helpful, explained the differences in the corsets they had on display and found a few that were perfect for Rhaina to try on in the fitting room. Of course the corsets tied in the back so the clerk helped her with the first one and I helped her with the second. The corsets did their job and Rhaina looked great. Finding one she liked we made our way to the cash desk and Rhaina made her purchase.

By the time we left the store the mall was closing so we took a nice stroll through the mall on both levels, simply enjoying being out and about for the evening. And of course we had to stop for a picture!

I drove Rhaina to her vehicle and we then we drove to the parking lot nearest the Silver City movie theater. Being the evening before Remembrance Day, when most would have the day off, the theater was very busy. It was such a rush walking through the parking lot, feeling the cool night air on my legs, and walking past so many people as we made our way inside the theater!

We had not really picked out what we wanted to go see and at the last minute decided to see "Elizabethtown", a story about a son going to Elizabethtown to take care of matters following the death of his father. Since the movie was about to start we made our way to the concession for popcorn and soft drinks and made our way into the theater!

The theater was packed with very few pairs of seats together. Making our way past the front row we walked up the stairs to a pair of seats near the rear of the theater. As I took my seat beside a couple cuddled together I did overhear someone behind comment ..."look how short her skirt is!"

I simply love hearing comments like that. Not about how short the skirt is... rather the word "HER". After all those years growing up worrying about what people would think, I look at hearing the use of "Her" or "She" by total strangers as a subtle gesture of "Acceptance". And with feelings like that occurring it certainly makes it an enjoyable experience to be sitting in a crowded theater in a leather mini skirt and heels!

After the movie we took our time walking through the theater, then made our way out into the cool night air along with everyone else that was leaving. So many people out doing their "Own Thing" and us out doing ours. Being late we said our good-byes in the parking lot and I headed for home...Looking forward to the next time Sabrina gets to go out and play!

The world is out there waiting for us....We just have to walk into it!

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